Younger Generation and current situation of Nepal

Younger generation, the time period that starts from mid teen to the late twenties is the most hard working, energetic and deep thinking period of every individual. People became more courageous towards their goal and perform every work enthusiastically at this period of time. Generally, the study of undergraduate course is essential for every individual, for making perfect mature mind at this period of time.

Talking about Nepal’s present critical situation people of this generation are going through a miserable condition. They aren’t getting chance or even willing to perform their job with their maximum effort. For the country’s development part, most of them even don’t like to break the ice. They behave as they don’t know anything and they just sit intact so that others could handle the situation, that’s how they rely on others. Not only aren’t they following the right track, they even denying from having that too. As the younger generations aren’t active enough towards their goal, it’s obvious that the problems in undergraduate courses are increasing day by day.

As the present social and political condition of Nepal is critical, many people are going through a state of discrimination. The children of rich family are following a tradition to study undergraduate courses in foreign countries. Similarly, the children of low cast and poor family aren’t getting opportunities to study undergraduate course, leaving behind the middle cast families to hit the knot but they too are misutilizing  the opportunities. Actually the country’s current scenario is not good enough to concentrate on the goal.

It’s true that any country can’t be perfect itself. People of the country make it good or lead to the state of losing its identity. Specially, the younger generation has to be active enough to change the nation’s situation, as they are the future of any country. If anybody does any mistake, the people have the habit either to deny or to blame other. If the mistakes be corrected and the people follow the rule of law, the country can really do well. Remember smart people learn mistake from other’s mistake, so as the government should learn from mistakes of the past and plan for the better future.

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